Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Individual goals prevail

So today was a day of distraction. I had my house ransacked on Monday, while in class, so after a full night of dealing with what needed to get done I was back in class only for a short time before I went off to make my phone calls, and get "organized". I missed the majority of the discussion, the group norming, and the organizational activities of our Leading change community of learners. I had to focus, turtle in if you will, on my first priorities. Taking care of my home was first priority.
What does that say about an organization if the individual will always put their long term, home, personal life ahead of the needs of the organization, unless of course the two are inseparable?

I need to speak with my fellow learners, to grasp their perspective, I know I am missing a critical puzzle piece but it's hard to find if you don't know what it looks like. Over the next few blog posts, I would like to connect the readings, and discussion, to my growing frustration with the lack of technological change in public post secondary education but i am still looking at things through the individual perspective, since i am currently in the fey fortunate position of only needing to serve me needs.

I realize that this first post has little do do with educational change but it has everything to do with the people involved with educational change/reform. Like the office tower graphic with Teacher located on the first floor of the tower, the principle some place at the middle level of floor and the CEO/President/minster at the top floor, 360 degree city views and all, change must include those that choose to either turn their backs on it or embrace its possibilities.
Why is change in a corporate environment so quick, and although everyone might grumble about it, the change will happen. What did I experience in high tech that allowed everyone to feel involved in the changes that seemed to occur all around, and in fact embrace the concept that the only thing that people could count on when they showed up for work is that something was going to have changed over the weekend.

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