Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my first post was lost so here we go again.... kinda

My goals for this blog over the next two week seems simple, but these posts will take me out of my element, so not so simple after all. Meeting a course requirement, can be a tangled web to weave.
Attempting to answer the "so what", investigating "leadership role that harmonize with the way that organizations change" strikes me, at first read, as a very effective space for "real" change to happen (on a personal academic level), but our first day took us down the garden path. I believe that my frustration with the less than logical, and constructive change occurring in higher education is a useful place to scaffold the course contents, and to enhance a perspective that I lack depth, and perhaps, maybe, at that point my frustration will lessen.
The text stresses a critical point about organizational change coming from the Fleishman studies: "the difference between focusing on the individual and focusing on the contextual variable (group norms and org. culture), and the systematic factors (such as structure)". This is where I need reinforcement and so will focus my attention in this are, through my group work, my perspective on the readings, and on my in class discussions.

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